The Cherry Valley Community Facilities Corporation (CVCFC), as part of its committment to its Mission, has leased space to Sissy's Little Lambs Children's Center.

The CVCFC supports the Mission of the Children's Center:

Sissy's Little Lams Children's Center is a child care center that offers flexible andhigh quality child care to families who need care for their children. Sissy's Little Lambs Children's Center goes beyond meeting the need by offering high quality care in a home-like and professional environment, by providing dedicated staff members who possess the best skills to offer a warm, supportive and stimulating environment. We recognize the wishes of our families that their child be treated like an individual with their own set of needs, and we are committed to offering nuturing child care in a learning environment.

Contact Information:
Sissy's Little Lambs Children's Center
2 Genessee St.
Cherry Valley, NY 13320