In 2009, the Cherry Valley Community Facilities Corporation initiated a program called the Performance and Production Workshops. The mission of the program is to provide a way for area youth to develop their musical and entrepreneurial skills in a collective way. Adult musicians mentor the students in refining their skills and putting on performances. The students are encouraged not only to perform the music, but also to promote events and photograph and videotape performances.

In 2011, a visual arts component was added to our programming, the Arts and Media Workshops. Programs in the arts have been developed for all age groups. An art gallery with works by youth members has been established at the Old School Cafe, working in conjunction with the Cherry Branch Gallery on Main Street. And a collection of literary and art books is now on hand for members.

Each year we award a scholarship to youth who we feel have been most committed to the Workshops and who show the most promise. Many alumni have gone on to college to pursue their interests, facilitated by participation in our program .

Current activities are always posted on the Workshops' Facebook Page.