Innovation for Cultural Organizations


The Cherry Valley Group is committed to helping cultural organizations think outside of the box, but not outside the atmosphere.  In an environment where profit, not-for-profit and governmental organizations are challenged each day to maximize effectiveness as well as efficiency, The Cherry Valley Group offers solid expertise directed at challenges and issues that require innovative and integrative solutions.  Starting with the principals and through our wide network of associated professionals and specialists, The Cherry Valley Group offers a unique service by:


    Providing comprehensive expertise through a single source

    Finding innovative, sustainable solutions that strengthen your organization

    Improving your team’s dynamics, decision making, and problem solving capacity

    Coordinating complex projects through a single point of management without added overhead or ongoing costs

    Providing the help you need to get the job done, from simple advice to a completed project


The Cherry Valley Group understands your real-life issues and challenges because we have directly experienced and addressed them many times.  In other words, we bring years of successful experience to meet the special needs of your organization — large or small.  Whether for a short-term consultancy or a long-term project The Cherry Valley Group will become a part of your team, working with you and not just for you


While headquartered in the Northeast, we serve clients Throughout the United States and in Canada.  No matter what state or province is home to your organization, The Cherry Valley Group principals are always available for an initial consultation.


The Principals of The Cherry Valley Group are:


Kathryn “Katie” Boardman - Interpretation, Public Programs, and Curatorial Services

Thomas M. Elliott - Exhibition and Marketing

Blake D. Hayes - Collections Management and Historic Preservation Services




Contact The Cherry Valley Group at 518.234.0148, or e-mail us at